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Extractions in Fitzroy

Why Might a Need a Tooth Removed?

The dentists here at St Vincent’s Dental Centre regard tooth extraction as being the last resort but sometimes it can be the best option. This may be the case if the tooth is too badly damaged, for example if it has fractured right down through the tooth root, or where it is so badly infected that we need to remove it to clear up the infection. We will also remove impacted wisdom teeth, where there is insufficient room for them to erupt normally or where they have partially erupted and are covered with a flap of gum tissue, increasing the risk of infection and decay.

What if there is Another Option to Tooth Removal?

We want to reassure you that our dentists will never suggest a tooth removal if we feel there is a chance a tooth can be saved. If this is a possibility, we will sit down with you to discuss any alternative options and the chances of success. Our dental team understand that losing a tooth is something we all want to avoid and that it can be a big decision to decide to have one taken out.  You will be given all the time you need and of course are welcome to ask us as many questions as you like before reaching your decision.

How Is a Tooth Extraction Carried out?

We can carry out tooth extractions using a local anaesthetic but please talk to us if you are anxious and wish to explore sleep dentistry options. Normally an extraction will be relatively quick and afterwards we may stitch up the gum or will leave it to heal naturally. If we need to remove a tooth in a prominent position, we can supply a temporary prosthesis for cosmetic purposes. Once the tooth is removed, it’s important to keep the extraction site clean and we can provide you with plenty of information, including the best foods to eat for the first few days while healing takes place.

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