In pain or have a dental emergency?

Emergency Dentistry

If you are in pain or if you have broken a tooth near Fitzroy or Fitzroy North, our caring and experienced dentists will be able to help you. Same day emergency appointments are prioritised.

Our dentists are available to tend to your dental emergencies. If you are experiencing a dental emergency, please contact us and we will endeavour to tend to your care immediately. Same-day emergency appointments are reserved and prioritised daily, so it is best to call in the morning to secure an appointment.

A dental emergency could be:

  • swelling of the face, especially if it is hard to breathe
  • trauma to the face, especially if it is hard to breathe
  • bleeding from the mouth that will not stop
  • an ulcer or sore in your mouth that has not healed for 2 weeks or more
  • severe mouth/tooth/jaw pain that keeps you awake
  • fracture/chip of an existing filling, tooth, crown, veneer
  • significant dental trauma for example your tooth has been knocked out

EXPLORE Sv Dental Centre  Range of Treatments below

Root Canal

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Root Canal Therapy is the control of infection by removing dead pulp from inside the tooth. A successful root canal procedure will generally save the infected tooth where it is then cleaned, sterilized ad reshaped.

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Dental Fillings

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The fillings used in our practice are colour coded to your natural teeth so that any cavities we restore are totally unnoticeable.

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The dentists here at SV Dental Centre regard tooth extraction as being the last resort but sometimes it can be the best option. This may be the case if the tooth is too badly damaged, for example if it has fractured right down through the tooth root, or where it is so badly infected that we need to remove it to clear up the infection.

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