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Your first visit to our practice will involve a comprehensive examination, even if you have recently visited another dental practice. This is essential so we can gain a clear overview of your current dental health and we will thoroughly examine your entire mouth as well as your head and neck area.

As part of this comprehensive examination, we will assess the need to take a full set of digital dental x-rays and will carefully assess your gum health. This information will be used in the future to help identify any changes or problems with your dental health.

If you have made an appointment to address a dental emergency, this information will assist the dentist in diagnosing the problem in order to treat your concerns.

What you need to bring


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During your visit we will also ask you about your medical history as many diseases can affect your oral health. Please bring a list of any medications along with the dosages.

This is important as some medications can cause dry mouth, a condition that increases the risk of tooth decay and we can customise your treatment plan to take this into account.

It’s also essential that we know about any medications being used in case we need to prescribe something for you in the future as we will want to check that it will not interact with current prescription medications.


We can process claims on the spot from all private health insurance cards to save you time. We can also provide a quote of your insurance coverage prior to commencing treatment so there are no surprises what your out of pocket expenses are


Our radiology department will be able to bulk bill 2D OPG scans


We can accept digital or hard copy x-rays. New records and x-rays are usually required if your previous x-rays are out of date, however having this information will provide a useful history of your previous dental treatment to ensure continuity of care. If you do not have ownership of your x-rays or history, please contact us and we can request them from your previous dentist on your behalf.

We do allow plenty of time to discuss any problems you may have with your dental health so please feel free to chat to us or to ask us any questions you may have and this is a great chance for you to get to know us. Our aim is for you to enjoy optimal dental health and all the benefits it can bring and to have complete confidence you are receiving the best level of personalised dental care.

We look forward to meeting you!

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