Are you held back by fear of dental treatment?

Sedation Dentistry

Our gentle and caring professionals can discuss the appropriate sedation methods to keep you calm and relaxed.

What is Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry is a wonderful way to help people who have a fear of the dentist receive the dental care they need. The various range of sedation options are explained in detail by our highly trained dentists at SV Dental Centre, to help determine which method is best for your individual situation.

Who Can Benefit From Sedation Dentistry?

Dental Anxiety

Many people have a deep fear of the dentist and have struggled with it for years. These people often have neglected smiles because they have put off going to the dentist due to fear of pain or the “normal” dental treatment.

Many of our older dental sedation patients had traumatic dental experiences in their earlier years before modern dental technology brought speed and comfort in dental treatments up to where it is today. Horror stories of terrible root canals, extractions, drillings, etc. haunt people and cause a deep fear of the dentist.

This fear has often followed them into their later years and prevents them from regularly seeing the dentist for needed dental work. As a result, patients procrastinate getting needed hygiene and maintenance, leading to larger and more expensive treatments down the road.

Younger people experience dental anxiety as well. Whether it’s fear of needles, feeling trapped, not trusting a previous dentist, etc. dental sedation can help remove the fear of the dentist, so you can get the dental care you need at SV Dental Centre.

If you fit in either category, dental sedation may be just the solution you need. Imagine actually feeling relaxed at the dentist. Even if you have the most acute dental anxiety, dental sedation can help you. You may just be amazed at how effective it is.

Busy People
We often have new patients that just don’t have the time to receive more extensive dental treatment spread out over a lengthy period. For those in this category, sedation dentistry enables you to receive needed extensive dental treatment all in one visit.

The ability to perform multiple dental procedures at once helps our busy patients save time and frustration as we improve their dental health. This is just one more remarkable thing that sedation dentistry can do for our patients!

How Does Sedation Dentistry Work?

Oral Sedation Dentistry

Oral sedation is a very common and simple option we offer to our patients and has had a great track record of success. Oral sedation can be administered in pill form or under the tongue for rapid absorption. Patients love oral conscious sedation dentistry because it is fast-acting, comfortable, and effective.

It truly is remarkable that dental technological advances, including dental sedation, have brought us to the point where even those with severe dental phobia can get the high-quality dental treatments they need to achieve and maintain optimal oral health.

Nitrous Sedation

At SV Dental Centre, our dentists are trained in providing dental treatment with nitrous sedation, also known as “happy gas”. It involves breathing in a mixture of oxygen and nitrous gas, from a mask placed over our patient’s nose. This reduces pain, anxiety, gag reflexes, and our patients experience a pleasant, relaxed feeling.

  • Advantages of Nitrous Sedation:
  • Safe with rapid onset and rapid recovery
  • Able to drive home yourself afterwards
  • Patients are calm, comfortable and in control
  • Cost-effective
  • Suitable for all ages

General Anaesthetic

SV Dental Centre, we offer dental treatment under general anaesthetic for when there is need for our patients to be ‘put to sleep’ by specialist Anaesthetists in a private hospital setting.

Advantages of General Anaesthetic:

  • Administered safely by medically trained Specialist Anaesthetists
  • Patients are not conscious throughout the entire procedure
  • Careful review of medical history to determine eligibility
  • Ideal for longer and more invasive procedures


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