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What Are Dentures?

Dentures can be a very useful and minimally invasive way of replacing missing teeth. St Vincent Dental Centre can provide beautifully lifelike partial or full dentures. A partial denture can be used to replace some missing teeth in either your upper or lower arch, while full dentures are used to replace complete arches of teeth. Denture teeth come in an enormous variety of shapes, shades and sizes while the acrylic gum coloured base can be closely matched to the colour of your natural gums.

Will My Denture Look Natural?

Each denture is individually designed and our dentists collaborate closely with our technicians to ensure it will be perfect for you. Dentures don’t need to look ‘false’ and our close attention to detail will make sure they look just like your own teeth. We take a great deal of care in selecting just the right denture teeth so your new smile will look wonderfully natural. Every minute detail is carefully assessed, including your facial structure and skin tone, your personality and your gender to ensure your denture will be both unique and complimentary to your appearance.

Will My Denture Be Comfortable?

Well-fitting dentures need to be carefully planned and we do spend a lot of time ensuring your new denture will restore the correct dimensions and will provide the proper support for your facial muscles so it will be easier to keep in place. As part of treatment, we may need to make some small adjustments after your denture is initially fitted and has been worn for a few days.

Will I Be Able to Eat Normally with My Denture?

Initially, you may need to stick to easy to eat foods, gradually introducing a greater range as you become accustomed to wearing your denture. We will provide you with lots of information about the best foods to eat and how to get used to eating with a denture.

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