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Oral Hygiene Education

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How Can Oral Hygiene Education Help Me Look after My Child’s Teeth?

We regard oral hygiene education as being a very important part of preventative dental care and you’ll find that the dentists at St Vincent’s Dental Centre and our oral therapist can provide all the practical information and advice you need to keep your young child’s teeth clean and healthy. We know it’s not always easy to clean a very young child’s teeth but we can help you by demonstrating the best techniques to use, particularly when it comes to flossing their teeth. Our friendly dental team can also chat to you about the best toothbrushes to use and when to begin using fluoride toothpaste.

Oral Hygiene Education for Older Children

As your child gets older we can work with them to show them how to look after their own teeth and will talk to them about the importance of oral care. This may be particularly helpful if they wear fixed braces and need a little extra instruction on how best to clean around the brackets and wires. If required, we can also talk to them about how diet will affect their teeth and gums and the best way to maintain a healthy and attractive smile.

Dr Schlen and his team all love educating children and we know it is enormously important. This is why we make every effort to ensure oral hygiene education is enjoyable. The message is serious but we firmly believe it is possible to have fun learning.

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