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Regular Dental Examinations in Melbourne

Regular dental examinations form an important part of a good preventative dental care plan. It is vital to come and see us as often as recommended, even if you think there is nothing wrong with your dental health.

Why is a Dental Examination Important?

By coming to see us at regular intervals, we can closely monitor your dental health. Our advanced diagnostic techniques will quickly identify any small problems as they develop, often well before you notice anything is wrong. This allows us to provide you with appropriate treatment at a stage when we are much more likely to be able to preserve teeth and protect your dental health.

How Often Should You Come in for a Dental Examination?

You will probably need six monthly dental examinations but we will determine the frequency after carefully assessing your dental health. Sometimes people with ongoing dental problems may benefit from more frequent dental care.

How Long Does a Dental Examination Take?

A thorough dental examination will not take very long, depending on the diagnostic tests required. We will need to take digital x-rays and we may also take images inside your mouth using an intraoral camera. Afterwards our dentist will spend some discussing any potential problems discovered during your dental examination. It is extremely important to us that we allow plenty of time to talk to our patients, so we can fully address any dental concerns you may have and to thoroughly explain any possible treatments required.

Our dental examinations are extremely detailed ensuring you get the very best preventative care. Simply call us to book your dental checkup, or if you prefer you can make an appointment online.

You can call us on (03) 9419 7022 or visit us at 3/55 Victoria St, Fitzroy VIC 3065.

April 12, 2023


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