Full mouth restorations in Melbourne

Here at SV Dental Centre, we have a team of skilled dentists, capable of carrying out the most complex full mouth restorations, restoring a person’s ability to eat comfortably and to smile with confidence.

What is a Full Mouth Restoration?

A full mouth restoration uses a combination of treatments to restore your dental health. You may wish to consider a full mouth restoration if you have lost or damaged teeth due to trauma or disease. The treatments needed can vary depending on your requirements, but can include advanced dental implant procedures, including bone grafting. Other treatments frequently used include procedures to restore gum health and to restore damaged teeth.

What Can I expect During a Full Mouth Restoration?

The treatments used in a full mouth restorations often need to be carried out in a particular sequence, gradually restoring your dental health and your smile. Our team of dentists and specialists will work together, ensuring every treatment provides the desired and expected results as we rebuild your smile.

Am I a Good Candidate for a Full Mouth Restoration?

Full mouth restorations can take time to complete, so it is important to be patient during treatment. We know some people are apprehensive about contemplating such a comprehensive treatment but our caring dental team are here to support you every step of the way. We always take care to explain procedures to our patients and it is important to us that you never feel rushed into making any decisions.

What are the Advantages of Having a Full Mouth Restoration?

Your treatment will be meticulously designed to restore full function, while ensuring you can smile and talk with confidence. We have successfully completed many full mouth restorations and have seen the difference it can make to a patient’s self-esteem and self-confidence.

If you are interested in full mouth restorations, we would like to invite you to visit us for an initial consultation. This will help determine your suitability for treatment and you can learn much more about all the procedures available to restore your smile. We are located at 3/55 Victoria Parade, Fitzroy VIC 3065. You can schedule a consultation online or by calling us on (03) 9419 7022.

December 22, 2016


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