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If you’re not happy with the shape or colour of your teeth or struggling with gum inflammation, get in touch with us. We are located within ST. Vincent’s Hospital Campus, Fitzroy — only a seven minutes drive away from East Brunswick. So, visit our dental centre near East Brunswick for the best dental care services delivered with compassion, commitment to excellence and in a comfortable environment. Schedule a consultation with our dentist today.


Superior Dental Care Experience Near East Brunswick

At SV Dental Centre, we deliver the best dental experience like no other. And that is not an overstatement. Here’s how we make it happen for you:

We Make You Feel Comfortable

Our experienced dentists near East Brunswick know that many patients are uncomfortable with anxiety-invoking procedures like root canal treatment; some even have needle phobia. Therefore, we take time to help you relax and feel comfortable, making the dental procedure an easy breeze.

From offering you noise-cancellation headphones to VR video glasses, we ensure that patients enjoy their experience and undergo the dental procedure without feeling uneasy or scared. Our friendly and compassionate staff performs every procedure with the utmost care and professionalism.

At SV Dental Centre, we make your experience with us pleasant and judgment-free so you can keep returning for your routine check-up confidently without feeling anxious.

We Use the Latest Technologies

With a strong belief in innovation, we continue integrating the latest and newest technologies in our dental centre near East Brunswick. We continuously upgrade our equipment to offer excellent dental experience and procedures with minimal discomfort and pain. For example, 3D guided dental implants for a minimally invasive procedure to replace missing teeth. The results are accurate. Besides this, the recovery pain is minimal. This cutting-edge technology features an on-site cone beam CT scanner, which provides a safe and comfortable treatment.

Other technologies that we have deployed in our dental landscape include:

-We deliver painless anesthesia using an Oraqix needle and Calaject, a computer-assisted local anesthetic delivery system

-CT scans for precise visualisation of procedures like oral surgery and root canal therapy.

-Digital Intra Oral 3D Scanning is the superior choice for procedures like scanning teeth for dentures, whitening trays, crowns, and implant restorations.

-Smile design using advanced software for imaging and digital photography. It helps construct a smile simulation to see how you will look after getting crowns, veneers or any other cosmetic procedure you choose. It provides a digital preview of your smile and helps you confidently proceed with the procedure.

So, don’t delay! Get in touch with us for a pleasant dental service experience. We can resolve and treat all your dental problems. That’s not just our promise but our passion. Schedule a consultation today at our dental centre near East Brunswick.

July 10, 2021


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