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Whether you have lost a tooth because of a trauma or disease, or you are extra conscious of the imperfections in your smile, we can help restore your smile and correct all imperfections. At SV Dental Centre, we offer our Clifton Hill dental patients the best and most effective dental procedures in a friendly and comfortable environment. Our goal is to help you keep smiling, always.

Patient-Focused Dental Care – You Deserve the Best!

We go above and beyond at SV Dental Center to serve our patients. And here are some of the many ways we make sure that our dental care is the best place for all your dental needs.

Top-Notch Procedures near Clifton Hill

We have over four-decade-long experience, and in this duration, we have excelled, scaled, and expanded our offering. We now specialise in multiple procedures. These include but are not limited to the following:

Access to the Latest Dental Technology

At SV Dental Centre, we continue to invest in the latest dental technologies and update our equipment. We do this to provide our patients with the best and most comfortable treatments. Some of the cutting-edge technologies we have integrated into our dental clinic’s landscape are:

Comfort and distraction aids, like noise-cancelling headphones and augmented reality glasses, provide patients with the most soothing experience during the treatment.

Painless anaesthesia by using calaject, a computer-assisted and local anesthetic delivery, and oraqix needle, a topical numbing treatment.

3D CT Dental Imaging has truly revolutionised the installation of implants. This technology provides precise visualisation of the patient’s oral condition. Other technologies like 3D planning software and guided surgical techniques enable our dentist to install implants precisely and to the patient’s complete satisfaction. Rest assured, these latest innovations in the dental field have served as breakthroughs making the most dreaded treatments minimally invasive and comfortable. Moreover, the results are ultimate accuracy and quick recovery time.

Smile Design is our advanced imaging software program and digital photography system. Using this program, we construct a smile design/ simulation of how you’ll look with crowns, veneers or any other cosmetic dental procedure you opt for. Hence, this technology allows us to show our patients a preview of their new smile. It also helps us plan the procedure with absolute accuracy and predictability.

Affordable Procedures

At SV Dental Centre, we offer the best dental services around Clifton Hill at affordable prices. We make sure you keep smiling even after the procedure is complete, and the smile doesn’t go dull after looking at the bill. Therefore, our pricing is competitive and worth every dollar spent.

April 12, 2023


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