Cleaning Technology Fitzroy

What is Cleaning Technology?

Nonsurgical periodontal therapy is vital for good gum health and should form part of your preventative dental regime. To ensure your regular hygiene appointments are as comfortable as possible, SV Dental Centre will clean your teeth using ultrasonic technology combined with gentle jets of water. We have chosen to invest in this technology as it is effective and very gentle as your comfort during treatments is always very important to us.

How Do Ultrasonic Scalers Work?

Ultrasonic hand scalers produce a high vibrational energy that can help break down calculus or tartar on your teeth so it can be easily removed. This method is highly effective, particularly if you have any gum pockets around your teeth that are deeper than 4 mm. Ultrasonic hand scalers are particularly good at disrupting biofilm from root surfaces, removing a greater amount of bacteria so cleaning is more effective. Water jets gently irrigate the areas being treated, helping to wash away loosened calculus and bacteria. When using an ultrasonic scaler, our oral therapist will need to use very little pressure, creating a much more comfortable experience for you.

Is This Type of Technology Is Safe?

Ultrasonic scalers have been extensively used for quite some time as it was discovered in the late 1950s that ultrasound was able to effectively remove calculus deposits from teeth. Over the years research has shown that ultrasonic scaling is both safe and effective and can help promote gum healing.

You are likely to find this treatment will be quicker than conventional hand scaling and the use of an ultrasonic scaler can be kinder to the tooth surfaces. This can be especially important for anyone who requires more frequent cleanings. The tips used on an ultrasonic cleaner are curved and rounded and are in constant motion. The frequency emitted by ultrasonic hand scalers can be adjusted for increased comfort. Afterwards your teeth will be polished with a special paste, leaving them feeling beautifully shiny and smooth.

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