Mouth Guards

Why Use a Mouth Guard?

SV Dental Centre recommends the use of custom-fitted mouth guards for adults who love to play contact and some non-contact sports. Every year there are thousands of dental related injuries as a result of playing sports and many of these could have been avoided or minimised with the use of a good quality mouth guard. As dental professionals, we find it quite upsetting to see anyone with these types of injuries, particularly when we know a mouthguard could have helped.

Providing Maximum Protection for Your Teeth

We can supply well-fitting and comfortable mouth guards that are made from a tough, high quality thermoplastic material. This material is completely odourless, has a neutral taste and is thickened in critical areas for maximum protection during your chosen sport. Your mouth guard will be fabricated in our dental laboratory using a detailed impression of your mouth to create a top quality and long-lasting dental appliance.

How Should I Look after My New Mouth Guard?

It’s important that you thoroughly rinse your mouth guard after each use and the store it in the perforated container provided by SV Dental Centre. Store your mouth guard away from direct heat as this could warp it. We will regularly check the fit and condition of your mouth guard to make sure there are no rips or tears that could impact its efficacy as we want to ensure your teeth, gums and jaws have the highest level of protection while you enjoy playing sports.

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