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Dentist in Melbourne Fitzroy

SV Dental Centre offers a range of professional and affordable treatments. It is conveniently located within the St Vincent’s Hospital Campus

SV Dental Centre is a state of the art dental facility located in the private consulting suites attached to St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne.

Our team of highly skilled dental professionals provide a comprehensive range of dental treatments utilizing our advanced techniques and technologies.

If you are looking for a family-friendly dentist in Melbourne who can offer comprehensive treatment in a single location, SV Dental Centre can help. Its’ location within the St Vincent’s Hospital Campus in Fitzroy means that patients have access to a range of specialist services, including Radiology, Bone Grafting, Implant Specialists and Maxillofacial Surgeons.

This unique access means patients are not inconvenienced by having to travel between multiple specialists and locations.

The treatments we offer include:

Regular Dental Check-Ups

Regular Dental check-ups are perhaps the most important aspect of modern dentistry and we have a team dedicated specifically to this service.  At a regular maintenance visit, we examine your teeth, identify sources of infection, look for the presence of any pathology, and identify any dental decay (caries) present.  We are particularly interested in the health of your gums and the levels of underlying bone supporting your teeth. Today, we are aware that the health of your oral tissues may contribute to pathology elsewhere in your body and also be indicative of systemic ill-health.
Radiographs(xrays) are also an important resource in a thorough examination.  We have state of the art digital intra-oral, two dimensional panoramic and  three dimensional ct scan capability to help in diagnosis of any issues. Regular but appropriate use of radiographic examination helps us identify dental decay, bony support for teeth, and any underlying pathology.

As part of a routine check-up we clean your teeth carefully to remove accumulated plaque and minimize periodontal inflammation.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry is the art of carrying out well planned high quality restorative dental treatment while at the same time striving for and achieving desirable aesthetics.  A great look is not enough if it only lasts for a short time.  All treatment has to be designed to be well engineered and compatible with good oral health to be sustainable in the long term.

Treatments commonly associated with cosmetic dentistry are teeth whitening, porcelain and composite veneers, orthodontics, and tooth coloured restorations (fillings).    The replacement or restoration of broken down or missing teeth can also be considered to fall into this category of treatment.

In our practice, all treatments are  designed to include high quality aesthetics while delivering a well-implemented sustainable result.

Missing teeth

Missing teeth can be replaced by the following methods:

  • Partial Dentures
    Where only one or a number of teeth are missing but there are still some teeth remaining in a dental arch, the missing teeth can be replaced by a denture replaces the missing teeth and attaches by means of clasps to the remaining teeth. These dentures can look good and  be highly successful if well designed and are a cost effective way to replace one or more missing teeth. The down side of this treatment is that the denture can move during speech and eating, and can trap food underneath the denture.  Also the patient has to become accustomed to the foreign structure in the mouth.
  • Bridges
    In the case where missing teeth are located between surviving sound teeth, the possibility arises where we can reduce the adjacent teeth, and construct crowns on them and at the same time, construct a span between the adjacent teeth, thus restoring the space in between with a tooth like structure. Until the development of dental implants, this was the treatment of choice to replace missing teeth.  The downside of this treatment is that it requires reducing the adjacent teeth which may be sound uncompromised teeth and at the same time increasing the load on each of the teeth thus reducing their prognosis.  If it is designed using sound principles, a bridge can be a highly successful treatment.
  • Implants
    Implants have become the treatment of choice to replace missing teeth.
    Dental Implants provide the treatment outcome that is closest to natural teeth.
    An implant is inserted into the bone in the region of the tooth to be replaced. A structure known as an abutment is attached to the implant and a dental crown is then constructed on the abutment.  The timing of these procedures can vary .  In some instances, an implant can be placed and restored at the same visit  but more commonly they are spaced out over a longer period.
    Implant supported solutions can be applied to any scenario from a single missing tooth to a whole mouth.
  • Full Dentures
    Conventional full dentures have for a very long time been the only treatment available for people who have no remaining teeth.
    Design of conventional dentures is particularly important because in the absence of physical attachment, one must take advantage of the naturally occurring anatomy to the fullest extent to maximize function and comfort for the patient. We still make and support them today.With the advent of modern dental implants, there is also the option to use implants to locate and support a new type of removable denture , over-dentures, which can provide an outcome with the feel, function and look of natural dentition.


The shape, length, size and colour of your teeth may be improved by porcelain or composite veneers. Veneers are paper-thin and shell-like in shape and, once applied to the front surface of your teeth, can change the appearance and function of discoloured, worn or chipped, teeth to give a good looking outcome.

Tooth Whitening

If you desire a whiter looking smile, tooth bleaching is an affordable and effective treatment.

Like any clinical treatment, it should be carried out with care and consideration for the possible effects it can have on the teeth and the surrounding tissues.  A careful assessment of your dentition will enable us to assess your suitability for this procedure and enable us to determine an appropriate treatment regime and explain a reasonable expectation of the treatment.

Crown & Bridgework

Damaged and missing teeth may require restoration and or replacement. Depending on your individual needs, treatment options may include a crown or a bridge. A crown is a custom-made outer shell individually designed to cover a specific tooth. It gives us the opportunity to reconstruct the tooth in an ideal formation and restores the tooth to full function. A bridge is a structure designed to replace one or more missing teeth. It relies on constructing crowns on the teeth located on either side of the missing teeth and joining them together with a span designed to resemble the missing teeth.
The construction of crowns or bridges not only is a treatment to restore teeth, it is also an opportunity to idealize the look of the teeth involved, giving us another opportunity to practise cosmetic dentistry.

Crowns and bridges in our practice can be made in one visit using our Cerec Cad-Cam system.


There are a wide variety of restorative materials available today with which to restore teeth.

All restorations(fillings) done in our practice are done with tooth coloured materials.  We have advanced restorative technologies available to us including the Cerec Cad-Cam system which enables us to design and mill custom restorations with great accuracy.  We also have digital colour matching systems that enable us to accurately match restorations to the surrounding teeth.

Advanced Technology

At SVDC, we have pioneered the use of 3d technology in dentistry in Australia and continue to develop and implement the latest advances in treatment as they become available.

Some of the technologies we use are shown below:

Digital radiology for intra oral, two dimensional panoramic imaging, and three dimensional CT scanning to help us in our diagnosis and treatment planning.

Cerec Cad/Cam system for designing digitally and creating restorations including inlays, onlays, veneers, crowns and bridges in one visit.

Three dimensional computer aided design software for design of Crowns, Bridges, and structures to attach to implants.

Guided surgery for the accurate placement of implants.

Supporting Resources

All of our external design and  laboratory work is carried out in Australia using highly skilled Australian engineers and dental technicians.

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