Mouth Guards

Why Might My Child Need a Mouth Guard?

If your child likes to participate in sports, including contact and some non-contact sporting activities then it’s worth asking SV Dental Centre about a custom fitted mouth guard. Unfortunately every year children will suffer sports related dental injuries, many of which could have been minimised or eliminated with the use of a properly fitting mouth guard. The huge advantage in having a custom fitted mouth guard is that it will be comfortable to wear, encouraging your child to use it and it will stay firmly in place during sports.

How Are Mouth Guards Constructed?

Our mouth guards are made from a tough, odourless and neutral-tasting thermoplastic material and are fabricated using a model of your child’s teeth. The mouthguards come in a range of colours and designs and we encourage your child to have fun making their choice and to participate in this decision, so hopefully they will enjoy wearing it.

To make their mouthguard, we will take an impression of your child’s mouth which is sent to our dental laboratory where it will be made to our exact specifications. It is thickened in critical areas to provide maximum protection. We will check the fit of your child’s mouth guard at regular intervals and as their teeth and jaws develop, it’s likely we will need to replace it. A custom fitted mouth guard is inexpensive and is well worth it for the superior level of protection provided.

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