About Dentist Fitzroy

SV Dental Centre is a state-of-the art dental practice, offering a comprehensive range of dental procedures, including many complex and more specialised treatments. Our team of compassionate dental professionals are all dedicated to continuing education so we can provide you with the very best and most up-to-date dental care. At the same time, we’ve taken care to ensure our practice is happy and welcoming as we would like you to relax as much as possible during your visits. We are located at 3/55 Victoria Parade, Fitzroy Victoria 3065. You can call us on (03) 9419 7022.

Our Appointments are Never Rushed

We take a scientifically based approach to dental care, carefully assessing every aspect of your dental health while considering how this may impact general health. Once we fully understand your needs and aspirations, we take the time to explain every potential treatment option.
Often there may be more than one choice and treatments can differ in their complexity, in the length of time required and in price. We don’t expect you to make important decisions about your dental care straightaway as we realise it can sometimes be quite a bit of information to take in all at once. Instead, we prefer to meet with you for a further consultation, at which point we can answer any questions you might have before you feel comfortable making your choice.

Our Treatments Blend Artistry with Science

The treatments provided by SV Dental Centre blend artistry and science, using the latest, high quality materials to create long-lasting and naturally beautiful results. Our commitment to the newest technologies enables us to provide the most appropriate treatments with the minimum of discomfort; we aim for every dental experience to be as pleasant as possible.

As dental professionals, nothing can give us greater satisfaction than seeing our patients enjoy great oral health.